55 Inspirational Industrial Health and Safety Poster

Industrial Health and Safety Poster is very important to deliver health and safety message for employee, contractor and employee as well. Good health and safety poster must have compact message, interesting, and creates a willing to have better health and safety action. According to Pirani and Reynolds (1994) in Guideline For Preventing Human Error in Process Safety that published by Center for Chemical Process Safety, safety poster is the most effective safety campaign after safety role play.

Katigaku.top published 55 Inspirational Industrial Health and Safety Poster to help health and safety professional for making better communication in health and safety. Let’s check it out!

Industrial Health and Safety Poster

1. Safety Driving Poster from Restaurant

A restaurant reminds people if they drunk, they can end in wheel chair.

Safety Poster for Safety Drive from restaurant

2. Don’t text and Drive Poster

This poster is a campaign not only for don’t text and drive but also for stopping violence.

Safety Poster stop the violence dont text and drive

3. Don’t overspeed

This is Ecovia another safety driving poster. You can the big hand is a “truck” while the girl face is a “MPV car”

4. Stop violence and overtake with care

Please overtake with care

Safety poster stop violence overtake with care

5. Stop the violence drive safe

Stop the violence and drive safely

safety poster drive safely

6. Don’t drink and drive

Drink and drive is dangerous

safety poster

7. Self Medication is dangerous

Patil Hospital give strong message that self medication can be like eating bullet

safety poster

8. Nissbaru is not cool

Nissan is cool, Subaru is cool, but how if Nissbaru? It only for careless drivers, for sure!

safety poster

9. All enclosed places are too small for smoking

Everywhere you breathe smoke from cigarette, you will feel breathless especially in enclosed places

10. Fires everywhere

Save lives, stub it out

Safety poster fire

11. Smokes and car incident?

Do you know how much you spend in cigarette?

12. Cigarette butt campaign

This campaign show how much cigarette butt in Dublin. It is almost half of Dublin’s litter

13. Alcohol and Russian Roulette

Wanna play Russian Roulette? Just drink alcohol and drive

14. Electricity can hurt you

So, United power have poster competition among worker’s children. The poster must have health and safety message. This one is “electricity can hurt you”

safety poster electricity

15. Bee Safe, please

Good poster with some tips to bee safe

please bee safe

16. Electricity in pool is not cool

Doesn’t it?

Safety poster electricity

17. Electricity is dangerous

It is dangerous even for Godzilla

safety poster kids

18. Don’t touch wires

Wires is of course dangerous

don't touch wires

19. Be witty about electricity

Be careful to electricity

be witty about electricity

20. So you still texting?

What the truck!

what the truck

21. Don’t drink and drive

This safety campaign is from Germany that very creative.

22. Don’t talk when on drive

You can call your lovely one, but please don’t do that when he/she is driving. The blood that come out from hand phone is strong message for us

23. Hazardous chemical in cigarette

We know that cigarette is dangerous, but the list is very long. This campaign shows hazardous chemical that build cigarette

safety poster hazardous chemical in cigarette

24. It looks small here

This safety poster shows simply event after overpseed

25. Small fire creates big one

It only need 1 match that can create fire to burn out houses

small fire creates big one

26. Safety poster keep children safe

It shouldn’t be dangerous for the children to cross the road

safety poster children crossing

27. Sleep before drive

It is better to have enough sleep before drive, or you will end like this:

safety poster sleep enough

28. Safety poster smoking make you fade away

Please don’t fade away from us

safety poster smoking

29. Start stop smoking from here

You can stop smoking anytime and continue it

safety poster smoking

30. You can not see when you texting and drive

This is milestone texting to power pole

safety poster using handphone texting

31. Sleepiness is stronger than you

The only way to defeat sleepiness is sleep

safety poster sleepiness

32. Sleep before you drive

This campaign shows what we see before and after we hit tree

safety poster what we see when sleepy

33. There is always many ways to meet up

This campaign shows accident victim that meet the girl in ambulance after accident

34. Safe drive for family

It gives us that we must safe and present for our beloved

safety poster for familiy

35. What’s the price of a bottle of champagne?

Absolutely, the price is less than yourself

safety poster champagne drive

36. Driving tired can kill

Please have a rest before tiredness kill you

safety poster driving tired

37. Don’t live regret it

This safety poster shows 2 people regretting accident that they experienced before.

safety poster for electricity safety

38. Don’t take shortcuts

Just like industrial health and safety poster before, it shows regret from accident victim

industrial health and safety poster regret from victim

39. Walk safe

The poster shows picture like heart beat but have hearing aid in the end

You need to hear well to walk safely

40. Industrial Health and Safety Poster wearing glove

The poster shows family member in shade that form in fingers.

41. Better safe than sorry

An old but classy safety message: better safe than sorry

42. Risk of silent

Please speak up

Safety poster please speak up

43. You can listen to the world if you protect your hearing

Let’s protect our hearing

safety poster wearing hearing protection

44. Cigarettes smoke people

Beware to cigarette

cigarette smoke you

45. Smoke Free Ambient

is everybody right

safety poster

46. Help before late

It shows dramatically the importance of having first aid knowledge

safety poster

47. Good to use reflector

I can see your reflector well in dark

safety poster reflector

48. Car vs Champagne

and the champagne is the winner

car vs champagne

49. Workers are not tools

workers are human

workers is not tool

50. Cellphones can kill

Behind the wheel cell phones can kill

using cellphone in car poster

51. Read back label

Read back label before you use chemical, even for chemical that used in home

read the back label

52. Don’t expect angel

Angel probably will not help you if you do unsafe act

no angel for unsafe act

53. Pedestrian protection

Volvo preparing air bag for pedestrian who use hand phone, but only in the poster

pedestrian protection air bag

54. Safety belt is the champion

Safety belt safe us

safety belt is winner

55. Who’s looking to the road?

The driver?no he is texting

safety poster who's looking at the road?



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